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" Just when you thought it couldn't get any better !"TM

G. Bernard Sawyer

CIO / COO & Vice President

Bernard Sawyer is the CIO/COO and Vice President of Marín de La Isla Verde, LLC. Paul had chosen him to join the team because of his extensive knowledge in business. He is currently a major player in; Universal Technical Services (IT related), which provides services for Marín de La Isla Verde, where he lends his analytical skills, developed as a programmer, to the solving of business problems and the charting of plans for future corporate growth.

Mr. Sawyer is a computer programmer by trade who has successfully ventured into other technical areas as well. He also has significant accomplishments in web development, systems integration, networking, technical writing and teaching. He is adept at analyzing and fine-tuning business processes to integrate them with technology. Bernard is an avid photographer who has also excelled in the art of music as a lyricist, composer, and performer.

Bernard is an alumnus of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information and Computer Science. He received further training at various professional facilities as a systems programmer for IBM (International Business Machines) and a software engineer for American Software Incorporated. He has also served as a Sunday School teacher and a musician with the church choir.