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" Just when you thought it couldn't get any better !"TM




Hi. My name is Didi. I’m Puerto Rican and have always eaten authentic Latino food since I was a child. My mom and my grandma always cooked with homemade Sofrito, using their recipe straight from the island of Puerto Rico.

I was raised in Manhattan & Queens, New York and after marrying we decided to move to California. My mom had taught me how to make Sofrito but when I got to California there wasn’t a single store that carried the ingredients to make the Sofrito (and they still don’t). However, the good thing is that whenever my mom visited us she would always bring the sofrito ingredients with her and make a lot for us to store in the freezer, but unfortunately she passed away since then.

To make a long story short, I contacted my family in New York and learned about Mi Sofrito Puro. In November of 2019 I email Mr. Marin, the owner of this company, and asked him how I could purchase some. He sent it to me overnight just in time for Thanksgiving. After receiving it, and smelling it, I just knew that this Sofrito was AUTHENTIC! After cooking with it I literally started crying when eating because the food tasted exactly they way my mom and grandma’s food tasted. My family was so, so happy that I was finally cooking real tasting Latin Food.

Now I can buy Mi Sofrito Puro online and will never have to worry about not having any.

Thank you Mr. Marin for making REAL Sofrito and for bringing back so many great memories!

Testimonial By: Didi Rosaly  — California, United States
Sunday 14 June, 2020